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The ultimate Figma Design System for CoreUI

Design components for the only Open Source Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template used by thousands of developers and Fortune 500s.



Scale Your Work

Collaborate Better

CoreUI for Figma

This carefully crafted Design System will save you thousands of priceless hours designing because it offers everything you need to create modern, beautiful and responsive admin dashboards.


Global styles

Keep your design consistent with super smart StyleGuide.

Component Variants

Use component variants to display the behaviour of your app.

450+ Components

Design products with well-organized and customizable components

Auto Layout

Components behavior is related with text label edits.

500+ Icons

All the icons you’ll need, named and grouped.

Free Updates

All updates from CoreUI that need to be implemented will be free.


Professional built, simple to use

A Design System built to support and improve your product development process.


Freelance Designers

Use Design System components and styles, deliver your work faster and take on more clients.


Design Teams

Design faster and consistently with a single well-organized library for the whole team.



Quick create high-fidelity prototypes, test them and get a fast feedback.


Beginners & Students

Learn about professional design systems and learn how to design and prototype in Figma.

CoreUI Design System for Figma


Built for Creatives, by Creatives

This Design System is a one-stop shop for your next CoreUI admin dashboard designs. Don't spend time finding components. With this simple, intuitive and practical file structure organization start designing right away.


Organized Perfectly

Total Design

  • Is this Design System official CoreUI product?
    CoreUI Design System is NOT AFFILIATED with CoreUI or CoreUI's team, nor is it endorsed by CoreUI. However, it is a faithful copy of the official CoreUI Template components that significantly speeds up the creation and design of functional prototypes.
  • Can I use the CoreUI Design System for a client's end product?
    Yes, you are allowed to create an end unlimited products for your clients and charge them for your services.
  • Is there a Adobe XD version of this UI kit?
    Yes, you can find it on this website
  • How to switch design from Light to Dark Mode
    It's effortless to switch to Dark Mode from the default (light) theme if you set up your project right. 1. Apply light (white/light) color styles from the Design System library to the following components: - background, primary & secondary colors - cards - dividers - typography - icons 2. Change the Default Theme color style for all components in your frames in Selection Colors to the Dark Mode color style
  • Is there a licensing agreement?
    You can read the Licensing Agreement under our Legal section (page footer).
  • How do I contact you?
    You can contact us via email on
  • Is there a free version available?
    Yes, we have a Free Demo version of CoreUI Design System available for you to try out and use it in as many projects as you'd like! You can get it if you click on any Free Demo button within the website.
  • What is the difference between Basic and PRO licenses?
    The Basic license is perfect for freelancers or individuals who will be the only users of the CoreUI Design System. If you purchase the Basic license, you are not allowed to publish the CoreUI Design System in your team library or give edit permissions to other people. PRO license is dedicated to teams. You may publish the item in your team library within your organisation for participants or give edit permissions to other team members of your company (multiple editors).
  • Is there any discount for students/schools/non-profits?
    Yes, there is 30% discounts for students/schools/non-profits. Send us on email your school's/non-profit company certificate and we will send you a link with the discount code.
  • Will I get an invoice?
    Yes, click the "Generate" button on your receipt from Gumroad after your purchase, and you can generate a detailed invoice with any additional information you need.
  • Do you have refund policy?
    We DO NOT issue refunds for digital products. Make sure to check out a Free Demo of the product and preview it in Figma or Adobe Xd before purchasing.
  • How do the updates work?
    After each update, we will send you an email with the news. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and move all our messages to your Main Inbox, so you don't skip it. You can also get the latest files via Gumroad's receipt. Alternately, you can create a Gumroad account after the purchase. With a Gumroad account, you can access your Gumroad purchases at any time through your Library. Find CoreUI Design System in your library and click View Content - the new files will be there.
  • How to update my CoreUI DesignSystem libraries with the latest release file?
    Learn more on how to update libraries: Figma Adobe XD


Launch in minutes

Super-smart color, typography and effects styles
Change one style and apply changes to the entire library.
CoreUI Design System for Figma
Well-organized and perfectly designed components
Auto Layout 4.0 and super-smart variants for modern dashboards.
Packed with everything you need and extra
Calendars, Data Tables, Maps, Pages, Widgets and more


Buy once, use forever



Try out free version with basic styles and components:

Basic components

70 components and variants

150 essential Icons

Use on unlimited projects

Free updates


Limited time

$99  $49

A single license for solo designers, developers and freelancers:

All components

Single user license

450+ components and variants

500+ Icons

Use on unlimited projects

Free updates


Limited time

$199  $99

A team license for bigger well-organized design teams:

All components

Multiple users license

450+ components and variants

500+ Icons

Use on unlimited projects

Free updates


The perfect starting point for any admin dashboard design project

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